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Nova Park is part of a group together with Steningevik Conference and Funäs Ski Lodge. Together, all members of the group share the same focus on guest satisfaction, professionalism, and service — we can help you with more than conferences here at Nova Park. Looking to host a conference or meeting in the archipelago or mountains? Want to go skiing on a private holiday? Read more about our other companies below.


With its splendid view of Mälaren’s beach, Steningevik is a truly scenic conference spot. Just 8 minutes from Arlanda and 30 minutes from Stockholm, Steningevik it is also an incredibly convenient location. A conference centre that invites you to lean back and put all your energy into the meeting.

Funäs Ski Lodge

Funäs Ski Lodge is a modern SKI IN SKI OUT resort with high quality accommodations. 35 flats are available in four different sizes, from studio apartments of 39 square metres to multi-family homes of 120 square metres. Nova Park guests can get a 20% discount on their booking. Use the code STENOVA.

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