A crossover dining experience
of different food cultures

Interview with Chef Thomas Antonsen

What is your food philosophy?

First of all, we try not to restrict ourselves in our cooking. We like to try new things and mix flavours, and so a lot of our food is a crossover between various cultures. We also make everything from scratch ourselves, taking care to use all the food and reduce waste as much as possible. It’s very important to us that we never take any shortcuts while cooking and we are careful not to use pre-manufactured foods; we use only the best ingredients and put our heart and soul into every dish, qualities that we believe are reflected in the final result.

How do you find inspiration for your cooking?

Of course, a great deal of inspiration comes from travelling and trying various food and flavours from other countries and cultures, especially ones that you can then combine with classic Swedish cuisine. I also read a lot about food and dining trends, especially in foreign newspapers, to see what else we can do here in Sweden. Often when you find inspiration, whether from travelling or in books, it’s the small details that you bring with you that you can later build upon.

What are your favourite dishes at Nova Park?

I would say that dishes with a touch of Asian flavour have something that everyone likes. I really like our smoked meals, like sausage, duck or cod. For dessert, we work with several different elements, and we love to mix tastes, like sweet and sour or hot and cold. Our menus vary a lot as they are based on seasonal ingredients.

How does Nova Park’s kitchen stand out?

In our kitchen, we have many experienced and passionate chefs who are highly dedicated to their profession. We believe that food and dining are one of the most important things when you have a group of people meeting. We are never satisfied with being merely good, and are always striving to get better. Our goal is to always surpass the guests’ expectations. I am very proud of the great flexibility that our kitchen has achieved in our work; we’ve prepared dishes for everything, from business lunches for two to festivals with up to several hundred people — always of the same high quality.

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