Safehotels Premium

Nova Park is Sweden’s safest conference facility. We have the top spot within the Safehotels Alliance highest category, the Safehotels Premium Certificate. Safehotels measures the security of hotels and conference facilities in Sweden and across the globe. Our meeting facility is equipped with well-trained staff and defibrillators — all designed for your safety!

Magnus VD

– We are pleased to top the list as Sweden’s safest conference facility”, remarks Magnus Ericsson, CEO of Nova Park. We have been certified by Safehotels since they started their ratings in 2002. Since their inception, we have always been rated within the top three safest hotels. It is a demonstration that we live up to our commitment to providing our guests with safety, service, and quality in every possible detail.

The safety assessment evaluates everything from the night crew, health education and information, and even fire safety and personnel security. Night staffing is one of the most important criteria from the guest’s point of view.

Night staffing is an important factor

– A guest may be ill or in need of help just as much at night as they would during the day”, says Magnus. Problems or an acute condition, such as an allergic reaction or cardiac arrest, can arise at any time of day or night. We make sure our staff are present around the clock, always ready, calm, and well-trained — ready to help out, no matter what.

On the cutting edge

Nova Park’s sister facility, Steningevik, is among the highest rated in all of Sweden.

– The important thing for us at Nova Park and Steningevik is that our guests feel safe, from the moment they leave the car to the moment they check out”, says Magnus. High quality service and rigorous security permeate our work. We don’t do it for the rating or the recognition, but so that our guests are able to enjoy themselves and feel comfortable during their stay. We have high ambitions for ourselves, and we are continually striving to make sure we reach those standards.

Safehotels Premium