It should just work

Technology is at its best when you don’t need to think about it

The latest technology — with you at the centre

The high technological level of Nova Park (including Cisco 1000/1000 broadband) is constantly being upgraded — we are unmatched in the Swedish meeting industry. Naturally, the broadband and all of the other equipment in the venue are part of the package and included in the price. Plus we have wifi everywhere in our facilities, and every conference room has a wired internet connection.

Technical and knowledgeable staff

Our technology is designed to simply work straight away. However, unforeseen events can always occur. To that end, we make ourselves available throughout your conference, always ready to assist you. Our highly technical and knowledgeable staff are here to help with whatever you may need; that way, you can focus on the meeting, not the technology.

LCD projectors

We know that a great deal of time goes into creating good presentations for your meetings. This places high demands on the technology, ensuring that everyone present can access the information. Therefore, we are constantly on the cutting edge when it comes to feature-rich and reliable projectors, where HDMI is of course the standard.

Wired and wireless internet connections

An internet connection is a matter of course these days. In service of this modern reality, we offer internet access everywhere, from the conference room to the lodgings to the spa. In order to maximize your time with us, we have a secure wired and wireless 1000 Mbit connection, accessible across the entire facility.

Microphones & Headsets

When you have a good message, it’s important that everyone is able to hear it. Most importantly, when in the midst of a crowded room, it’s essential that you are heard properly. To this end, microphones and headsets are included in all of our larger meeting venues. Our largest meeting room also includes hearing aids.


For a good meeting, you want participants to be focussed and alert. Nothing brings down attention like bad or uncomfortable air. Our rooms are fully equipped with high capacity air conditioning systems to control both the ventilation and temperature — everything you need to create the right conditions for making good decisions and a positive impact.

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