Drinks that capture
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Interview with Restaurant Manager Ingela Ryding

What do you take into consideration when putting together Nova Park’s drink selection?

Of course, making sure that everything in our collection is high quality is a starting prerequisite; but after that, making sure we have good combinations of food and drink, both wine and beer, is extremely important. Since the food we serve at Nova Park has great depth and tremendous soul in its many different tastes, the wine and spirits we serve must match this sophistication with an equal depth and just as many different flavours. Therefore, we usually have complex wines that serve to capture and enhance the taste of the food.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

From food in general. I love to cook, eat, and sample food with wine and drink. Since the kitchen at Nova Park rarely serves the same dish, we are always tasting the food to match it with the best possible wine. We also have great partnerships with our suppliers, while at the same time placing high demands on them, all to ensure that we can find the complex and quality wines that we want in our selection.

What is your favourite wine in Nova Park’s collection?

Right now I would say the Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. It’s a dry, aromatic wine with a very fresh taste, containing elements of passion fruit, kiwi, nettles, currants and citrus. It’s a wine that pairs well with both fish and chicken, and especially well with Asian flavours. We also have a large assortment of non-alcoholic options that elevate the meal just as much as any wine or spirit.

Where do you see drinking trends going in the future?

Beer is definitely on the rise, especially the small microbreweries. Our drinks range includes a locally-produced beer from a brewery here in Knivsta. Matching beer with food is also a strong trend at the moment. As far as wine is concerned, new world wines are becoming big, especially wines from South America and New Zealand, which are the hottest regions right now, but the old world is still on the rise with new, modern wines.

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