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A first-class dining experience — a meal to remember

We love food! It is our pleasure to offer an amazing dining experience, one that is sure to stay with you for a long time after and will certainly enhance your meeting. Drawing on gourmet influences from all over the world, our passionate chefs serve up tasty, nutritious and sumptuously prepared meals. Our incredible food combined with our world-class service makes meals here the perfect finishing touch for your conference or event.


We create magic
without limitation


En minnesvärd måltid
oavsett kosthållning


Deep flavours demand
exciting wines


What would you like for breakfast?

Everyone’s breakfast habits are different. Are you in the habit of eating healthy porridge in the morning? Or maybe you’re looking to mix things up with something new? We have something for everyone. Our breakfast buffet is served with all sorts of morning goodness, everything from porridge and nuts and freshly baked bread to freshly squeezed juice and pancakes with jam and cream.

Of course, we also have a large selection of gluten-free and lactose-free products.

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A fresh, energizing lunch

You never want to be in a food coma right in the middle of an important meeting. Our two-course lunch, aside from its incredible taste, is designed to satiate your hunger and give you the energy you need for the rest of the day. We only use the best seasonal ingredients and endeavour to use sustainable and locally sourced food as much as we can.


Keep your energy levels steady all throughout the day

A long meeting day requires continuous energy. We keep our morning and afternoon buffets well-stocked, providing everything from home-baked pastries and pies to healthier options such as raw food-balls and fruits with nuts. And, of course, we always have coffee, tea, juice, fruits and natural sweets on hand, all available at several stations throughout the day.


Let’s create the perfect meal together

We think the best way to end a good conference is with a dining experience that all of the guests are certain to remember. We are confident that our three-course dinner can compete with any restaurant experience. All of our dishes are prepared with the best ingredients, and everything is made entirely from scratch. In addition, we have carefully selected wines, courtesy of our sommelier, which have been chosen to enhance the gourmet experience. Everything you need for the perfect ending to a great conference.

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