Special requests and allergies

In order for us to provide you with the best possible service during your meals with us, it is important that we receive information that is as clear as possible about your company’s special dietary requests and food allergies. Our aim is that everyone should have an equally enjoyable and memorable meal.

Special diets

We follow the National Food Agency’s definition of vegetarian diet

There are 14 selected allergens that may be present in the food we serve. We of course track all of these, along with the dietary and allergy restrictions we have received from you, to make sure that everyone, from restaurant waiters to kitchen staff, is informed.

We also follow the National Food Agency’s definition of a vegetarian diet. This is a subject that often causes some confusion, since commonly held informal beliefs may differ from official definitions. Therefore, we ask that you follow the table below when compiling the lists of guests; that way, we can prepare ourselves in the best possible way.

Follow the table below

When compiling your attendance list, please follow the table below. For example, Vegans should be labelled as vegetarian. What is commonly called “vegetarian” in the common, informal vernacular is actually “lacto-ovo-vegetarian”, as they eat animal products such as milk and eggs.